Everybody likes to scratch shapes into the aluminium part of beer bottles. Could be because you want to tag it to remember wich one was yours at a big party. Could be of a nervous tick or no reason you remember. It just makes fun to scratch the bottle. Based on this habit BBDO created the SCRATCHBOTTLE for BECK’S with an extra large aluminium wrap that turns the whole bottle into an aluminium canvas which can be designed by you and „your night out“
...and this one was scratched by me...
Creative Managing Director/s: Jan Harbeck
CCO: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Director: Daniel Schweinzer, Lukas Liske, Ricardo Wolff
Art Director: Nicolas Moles
Copywriter: Lukas Liske, Charlotte Gärtner
Kundenberatung: Lindsay Jönsson
Agency Producer: Michael Pflanz, Markus Kuhn
Photographer: Michail Paderin, Christian H. Hasselbusch
Illustration: Jessica Witt, Marianne Nicolas, Simon Stehle, Lena Dirscherl
Music: Zac Bronski
Motion Design:  Marius Menzel
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